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Lab Diamond Minimal Bezel Engagement Ring



A distinctly minimal, full bezel ring for those who prefer only the essentials - clean, simple lines and pure, geometric forms.  This ring setting holds a 0.5ct (5mm diameter) lab diamond, hand set in a modern cylindrical bezel. Adhering to its simple design, the round bezel setting is attached to a parallel width band at its base.  

The width of the parallel band measures approximately 1.6mm, while its cross sectional depth measures about 1.45mm throughout its length. The height from the stone's table to the top of finger measures about 4.5mm, ensuring a low and comfortable profile.


All jewelry is designed and hand made in my studio here in Toronto, Canada.  The ring will be custom-made to your size and preferences. 



      • Center Stone Seat Size : Ring setting is optimized for a 0.5ct (5mm diameter) center stone but can be customized to your stone size preference.
      • Band Width : 1.6mm along band length.
      • Band Depth : Approximately 4.5mm (top of stone to finger) and 1.45mm along band length.
      • Metal Options : Please select your preferred metal from available options above. Ring is available in either 14k or 18k gold (white, yellow or rose gold) and platinum.
      • Ring Size : Please select size from available options above.
      • Finish : Shiny mirror finish.  (A brushed matte finish is available upon request.)


          • Ring is shipped insured in a beautiful gift box.



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