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Moissanite Rings

Moissanite Rings :

Born from stars and meteorites, natural moissanite is impossibly rare to find on earth. Traces of it were first discovered in 1893, deep within a crater in Arizona by Henri Moissan, a Nobel prize winning chemist.  Gem-quality moissanite appeared in fine jewelry only after Charles & Colvard™ discovered an ethical and sustainable process to create this exceptional gemstone in controlled lab settings.  More brilliant than a diamond due to a refractive index of 2.69 and with 2.4 times more dispersion than a diamond, a moissanite bends and scatters light spectacularly.  It sparkles with a grand statement of opulence at a fraction of the cost of other gemstones.  Considered one of the hardest white gemstones on the planet (second only to a diamond) and more durable than sapphires, rubies or emeralds, a moissanite looks and behaves the most like a diamond.  Ethical, elegant, everlasting - moissanites are the perfect choice for an engagement ring. Its brilliance and beauty guaranteed to last forever.  To learn more about Charles & Colvard's Forever One™ and Forever Brilliant™ moissanites (highest quality and whitest moissanites available today), please visit Charles & Colvard's website at