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Thank you for visiting Stellar Fields. 

Established in Toronto, Canada, Stellar Fields is a jewelry design and fabrication studio run by its founder Allen - an artisan jeweler/architect/entrepreneur.  Working with ethical gemstone suppliers in Canada and around the world, Stellar Fields strives in offering unique, custom-made and limited edition jewelry, all designed and meticulously handcrafted in the studio.  Each piece is hand made with utmost care and attention to detail, using ethical or 'Fair Trade' gemstones and certified, conflict-free diamonds.

Our Commitment To You

Artisan Handmade | Eco-friendly | Fine Quality | Enduring Designs

Artisan Handmade | Artisan designed and handmade locally in Toronto, Canada. From design sketches to your finished piece, we derive joy in the whole process, refusing to source from oversea manufacturers or sell designs available to wholesalers.

Eco-Friendly | Your jewelry is made with eco- friendly, recycled metals, including Canadian Arctic diamonds and ethically sourced gemstones. Together we can stop unethical mining practices, exploitation of workers and protect our environment.

Fine Quality | Fine jewelry crafted with solid gold or platinum so you can treasure it forever. We don't use plated metals, gold filled or low quality imitations.

Enduring Designs | Simple, geometric and classics reimagined - our fine jewelry designs are timeless and meant to compliment your style.


About The Artist

My foray into jewelry design began while enrolled in a high school visual studies course.  A chance encounter with a visiting goldsmith introduced me to the art of jewelry fabrication.  It was a brief but memorable experience in class - being handed a sheet of silver, a few basic tools and free reign to saw, hammer and forge the piece of metal into jewelry.  That experience ingrained within me a fascination to work with materials and tools, and more importantly, translate ideas into physical objects with my hands.  My passion to create things would eventually lead me to pursue architecture in university.

Today, having received an education and training in architecture for a few years, I’ve come full circle into jewelry design.  I’ve been fortunate to work with a variety of mediums and at different scales through the years, always keeping an open mind and seeking inspiration in other fields.  Inspiration and creativity have no boundaries after all.  At any given moment, you can find me gripping a brush and applying paint to a canvas, developing photography in a dark room, flying across countries to study architectural artifacts, working on wooden furniture or forging precious metals into jewelry.  My passion for design is what bridges them together.   

It is with similar curiosity thorough which I explore architectural possibilities in jewelry design.  My pieces are often inspired by my passion for architecture, nature, color, materiality and mathematical geometry. Regardless of complexity, I try and approach each new design afresh.    From sketching concepts on paper, carving wax prototypes and digital modelling, to casting, setting stones and finishing your jewelry, I'm involved throughout the entire process and work through multiple iterations before arriving on a final design - one I'm truly happy to offer here at Stellar Fields.  Rest assured craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail are always on the forefront of my mind and never compromised.  

I hope you find something you like among my jewelry creations and take delight in acquiring a piece of handcrafted jewelry to celebrate your special occasion or to simply treat yourself.  I look forward to working with and assisting you, be it in customizing a piece or sourcing that special conflict-free gemstone for use in your piece.