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Modern Diamond Engagement Rings

Fine Artisan-Crafted Jewelry

Exceptional jewels to celebrate your memorable occasions, your aspirations and the star within you.


Personalize your one-of-a-kind, bespoke ring. Have it custom designed and made today. Contact us for a collaboration.


Try it before you buy it.


Artisan Handmade | Eco-friendly | Fine Quality | Enduring Designs

Artisan Handmade | Artisan designed and handmade locally in Toronto, Canada. From design sketches to your finished piece, we derive joy in the whole process, refusing to source from oversea manufacturers or sell designs available to wholesalers.

Eco-Friendly | Your jewelry is made with eco- friendly, recycled metals, including Canadian Arctic diamonds and ethically sourced gemstones. Together we can stop unethical mining practices, exploitation of workers and protect our environment.

Fine Quality | Fine jewelry crafted with solid gold or platinum so you can treasure it forever. We don't use plated metals, gold filled or low quality imitations.

Enduring Designs | Simple, geometric and classic reimagined - our fine jewelry designs are timeless and meant to compliment your style.