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Diamond Solitaire Prong Engagement Ring 6 Prong Round Comfort Fit Band



Meticulously detailed, from its sculpted claw shaped prongs and clean geometric surfaces, this is a comfort-fit, round band version of our vintage 6 prong 'Isabella' solitaire ring. This is a ring designed for one who appreciates fine details.

Drawing inspiration from Baroque architectural elements, classical details blend with bold and modern qualities. Six sculpted claw style prongs hold your beautiful 1ct center stone securely in place, propped up like a crown by 4 accent diamonds on the side. These geometric diamond accents sit along the sides in sculpted flourishes that merge out seamlessly from the round, comfort-fit band.

Viewed from the top, the ring is simple, bold and tailored, meant to highlight your beautiful center stone and distract nothing from it. Sculptural and ornate details delight you from its sides.

PLEASE NOTE: LISTED PRICE IS FOR THE RING SETTING ONLY.  CENTER STONE IS NOT INCLUDED.Please contact us to have your ring customized with a GIA certified natural diamond, lab diamond or another gemstone option.

The ring is customized so the center stone sits low on your finger (at a height of only 5.8mm for a  well balanced ring).  The width of the band measures 2mm along length of band and 4mm wide under the seat of the stone, while its cross sectional depth varies from 1.9mm (bottom and sides) to 3.3mm.  The height from the stone's table to the top of finger measures about 5.8mm, ensuring a low, secure and comfortable profile.  This is a comfort-fit, round band version of our 'Isabella' ring.

For a knife-edge band version of this Isabella ring, please see this listing below:

All jewelry is designed and handcrafted by me in my studio here in Toronto, Canada.  The ring will be custom-made to your size and preferences.


  • Please contact us if you'd like the ring made with a GIA certified natural diamond or another gemstone option to suit your budget. 
  • Seat Size: Ring setting fits a 1ct (6.5mm diameter) center stone but can be customized to hold larger stones.  Please contact us if you need the ring customized for your stone.
  • Accent Gemstone :    4 x Canadian Arctic melee diamonds (conflict-free diamonds.)
    Size: 1.5 mm diameter
    Shape: Round Brilliant
    Clarity: VS1
    Color: DEF White
  • Optional :  If you prefer a different gemstone type/size/color, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.  We offer GIA certified, conflict-free, Canadian Arctic diamonds and other gemstone alternatives. 


    • Band Width: 2mm wide along band length and 4mm under stone seat.
    • Band Depth/Thickness: Varies from 1.9mm (bottom and sides) to 3.3mm.  Measurement from top of stone to finger is 5.8mm.
    • Metal Options: Please select your preferred metal from available options above. Ring is available in either 14k or 18k gold (in either white, yellow or rose gold) and platinum.
    • Ring Size: Please select size from available options above.
    • Finish: Polished mirror finish.  (A brushed matte finish is available upon request.)


      • Ring is shipped insured in a beautiful gift box.

      Current turnaround and ship time is posted in the FABRICATION TIME page.

      Please see the INFO section for SHOPPING POLICY, SHIPPING TERMS and RETURNS/EXCHANGES policy before ordering.