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Round Diamond Star Modern Bezel Set Ring

Inspired by starry nights, this one-of-a-kind ring holds a 0.5ct (5mm diameter) center stone, secured in a modern bezel setting.  Surrounding this diamond in a star-like and radial formation are five smaller 0.03ct (2mm) diamonds, held in each pod by mini prongs.  These five stones provide the perfect balance and accent the overall design.  Gemstones, geometric surfaces and lines emphasize each other and form an exquisite dialogue.  Details and surface merge seamlessly for a clean and modern look, including the ring's underside which feature elegant surfaces and ‘A-jour’ detailing (a-jour : traditional french term meaning ‘to let light through’) to maximize light entering stones from below for greater sparkle.   Like flickering stars dotted across the night sky that inspire and create wonder, this charming ring delights in every way.

PLEASE NOTE: LISTED PRICE IS FOR THE RING SETTING ONLY.  CENTER STONE IS NOT INCLUDED.Please contact us to have your ring customized with a GIA certified natural diamond, lab diamond or another gemstone option.

The width of the band (comfort fit) is approximately 2mm.  The depth (cross sectional thickness) measures about 1.7mm, while the depth from the stone's table to the top of finger measures about 5mm ensuring a low, well-balanced and comfortable profile.   The ring is polished with a brushed matte finish but I’ll be happy to provide a mirror finish upon request. 

All jewelry is designed and hand made in Toronto, Canada. The ring will be custom-made to your size and preferences.


  • Please contact us if you'd like the ring made with a GIA certified natural diamond or another gemstone option to suit your budget.
  • Seat Size: Ring setting fits a 0.5ct (5mm diameter) center stone but can be customized to hold larger stones.


  • Accent Diamonds: 5
  • Shape: Round Brilliant
  • Grade: VS1
  • Size: 0.03ct (2mm in diameter)
  • Color: G
  • Cut: Excellent Cut


  • Band Width: Approximately 2mm.
  • Band Depth: Approximately 5mm (top of stone to finger) and 1.7mm (on bottom and sides).
  • Ring Head/Setting: (in plan view) 13.5mm (top to bottom) and 13.9mm (left to right)
  • Metal Options: Please select your preferred metal from available options above. Ring is available in either 14k or 18k gold (white, yellow or rose gold) or platinum.
  • Ring Size: Please select size from available options above.
  • Finish: Brushed matte finish. (A polished mirror finish is available upon request.)


  • Ring is shipped insured in a beautiful gift box.

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